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Bible Study

We have Bible Study discussion on Wednesday nights from March through November at 7pm in the fellowship hall. Below are a few notes from the lesson of the evening.

Scripture Lesson for 6/3/2020                Ephesians 4:1-6

  • A call for unity among God's people
  • Jesus Christ has the power to change us at our core
  • Paul reminds us that we must walk worthily of our position
  • Meekness does NOT equal weakness!
  • Anger must be controlled to keep the true message untainted
  • God has a way of using what was meant for hate to actually benefit us and glorify him
  • It's easy to love when surrounded by love; it's more difficult but still necessary when persecuted
  • We must stand together in spirit because God is in all of us, not just a select few
  • God uses our suffering to bring us back to him and remind us that He is our hope, truth, and all & all
  • There is only one God above all who has the power to work THROUGH all
  • God can give peace in midst of injustice (ex. the Israelites in book of Exodus)
  • Why do we teach children to pray at night? 
    • That is when we are going into our darkest hour
    • If we can show love during our darkest hour, it is so much easier to show during the light of day

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